Past, Present, Future

Anything in this Universe will have to go through these phases of time, for living beings in specific. Past has impact on present, which in turn impacts future.
Past might be past, but its present in mind to make impact on present and will also be present even in your future. Everything thing becomes an immediate past and every past will be a door for the next present.
Present is what we are in. Every fraction of your presence makes your present and your presence itself means you are present in your present. But, there is a key clause- physical or mental presence, that defines once presence in present. Every present hides a past within before taking a carry-forward.
Past + Present=Future. Past has impact on present, which will ultimately decide future. Every future is followed by past and every future contains both present and past.

So, every point of time is equally important and is to be properly utilized, as every point contains and leads to the three-present, past and future. So, one need to be careful in doing things as they surround the one who does the work and who ultimately will be the victim.
However, it is noteworthy that life is a pre-recorded cassette. Everything happens as it is and is supposed to happen. However, one may think that ‘things depend on what and how we do them’, but what comes into mind before doing something itself is ‘Life’: J



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