Recalling things…

Try and try
To reach the level of sky
More and more high
To make your life a colorful butterfly – Aim high
Have a passion
But never make it a fashion
Have a life ambition
Strive hard to reach your destination – Struggle must

Be an expert
But not an extrovert
Be an incessant
But not an innocent –Be Expressive
Nature is an adventure
Made by god for every living creature
In order to make the mind mature
To extract each and every feature – Enjoy Nature
Try something rather than nothing
Aim higher
To become greater
Have a strong desire
To enlighten your future – Reach high
Be in agreement
Always with your commitment
To show your content
Using your talent –Believe in self
A student has a talent
To make any attempt
On any experiment
To make it excellent – Power of a student
Education is the manifestation of perfection
Education is the sign of human action
Education is the mind explosion
Education is the lifelong meditation
Be clear of your spells
Be clear of your works
Be clear of your thoughts
To be the winner of hearts – Maintain clarity
Think before you think what to think
Think before you think how to think
Think before you think which to think
In order to put on a paper a drop of an ink– Think well
Glow like a sun
Shine like a moon
Be the only one
As a sign of shine
Future is not what we plan for tomorrow
It is what we do today -Plan your future
Rise higher and higher
Might become a star
But never forget my dear
In the past you were here –Be humble, just simple
Schooling is a great feeling
Highly encouraging and enjoying
Better way of learning
Best way of developing -Good chance
Meditation is the carrier of concentration
Meditation is the energy of excitation
Meditation is the depth of the dedication
Meditation is the interior of realisation- Power of Meditation
Heart full of daring
Eyes full of loving
Hands full of caring
Makes a true living
Caste is waste
For what its best
It clears whose thirst?
Not even that of beast`s!
Dedication is the definition of life
Meditation is the medium of life
Concentration is the chemistry of life
Education is the meaning of life
Be creative in thinking
Be expressive in feeling
Be impressive in dealing – Be skillful
Never worry for yesterday
Never hurry for following day
Be happy each and every day
Life will become an endless day – Cool
Let everyone feel you as a solution to a problem
But never turn into a problem
Do what you think
See what you like
Love what you love
Be what you are – Be unique
Life is a game
Never crawl for fame – Play well
Friends may or may not make your life
But they do remain as best memories behind every life 
Never feel you yourself as something special
Let actions reveal the truth
Love is life
Life is to love -Love your life
Distance always makes relation
Relation always breaks distance
Hard work may give you a nice future
But nice future never gives you hard work
Utilize hardships for a better future
Dreams are the backup of your memories
Dreams are the indices of your ideas
Dreams are ways to achieve wishes 
Music is the best way of motivating self
Music is the best way of refreshing self
Music is the best way of enjoying self
Music is the best way of knowing self
Money makes many things
But there are many things that can’t be made with money
Past is Past
Future is fast
Whatever the quest
Go for the best
Vain gives you pain
Strain gives you gain
Follow the science in your conscience
Feel the sense in your common sense
Make your presence a good essence
Try to make some difference
Birth is the beginning of life
Death gives the definition of life
Decency gives the value for life
Learning makes life
Life in the world is limited
But life in hearts is unlimited
Leave nothing as a mystery,
Learn to make it a history – Keep Exploring and Learning

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