Plants do have emotions!

Be it secreting defensive chemicals after to terrifying sounds of a caterpillar munching on a leaf, feeling pain and understanding affection, responding to melodious music and harsh noise, plants do respond to external stimuli/actions. There are many proven instances, where, plants treated with affection grew fast and healthy, compared to the ones subjected to negative feelings/words, which were said to have fallen ill. Even, non-living beings like metals are also said to emit response to external stimuli. The reason behind this stimuli as proved by scientists like J.C. Bose that plants, as living matters, do have human-like nervous systems with cell membranes that respond to external actions. The science has its origin in Indian philosophy, according to which, every being (living and non-living) has life in it and there is only a single source of energy (Brahman/Atman) that is driving every being in this universe.


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