Plastic surgery, a 5k-yr old story!

May might think of plastic surgery as a method that originated in 1900s. But, it’s not the case for India. The origin of plastic surgery dates back to ancient Indian Vedic civilization, more than 5000 years. Sushrutha Maharshi is described as the very first one to have performed and explained plastic surgery in detail. Sushrutha (said to have lived more than 150 years before Hippocrates) described the principles of plastic surgery in his ‘Sushrutha Samhitha’, which is agreed by researchers across the globe, as the oldest treatise that explains plastic surgery in detail and also has considerable surgical knowledge of relevance even today, in fact, more advanced than current-day techniques. Midwifery and Rhinoplasty are among many other vital aspects of surgical science (Salya-tantra) dealt by Sushrutha. As the generations passed on, the treatise was translated into Arabic in 8th century A.D. and into European in 19th century and so on.



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