Sacred River of Secrets!

River Gandaki in Nepal is home to many astonishing things. Gandaki is home to sacred stones called ‘Shalagramas’, which are considered as representation of Lord Vishnu. These are available in various shapes, carved naturally by a diamond-toothed insect called ‘Vajrakeeta’. This insect, with its teeth, cuts through the sacred stone and resides inside till its death. Cutting through the stones results in those stones taking various shapes/symbols, each considered to be various representations of Lord Vishnu.

These stones should not be bought or sold and are available only under waters. The only weapon that can bring these stones from the riverbed onto the river surface is sacred ‘Tulsi’. When a leaf of tulsi is dropped in Gandaki, Shalagram gets attracted to it, as tulsi is the only thing that ‘Vajrakeeta’ takes in as a food. That’s how one can get Shaligrams from Gandaki, as said by researchers and scholars.


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