7 Ways You Can Tease Your Loved Ones

Imitate her actions, the way she smiles, cries, nods head while listening and hands while speaking, etc. 😁 Keep staring at her eyes with a sensitive smile while she speaks ☺  Pretend like ignoring her words in conversation 😑 Praise her for every small thing. Caution! Too much is too bad 🤩 Make little delays when she calls you for a … More 7 Ways You Can Tease Your Loved Ones

The Ultimate Truth- Understanding Illusion

The earlier discussion ended with Research Scientist(RS)’s question to Guru’s explanation on Paramaatma & Jeevaatma, and this question makes the current discussion that will try to answer ‘How? Why? & What has to be Realized?’ Here it goes… RS: The thin line that is separating Me, the Jeevaatma, from the Supreme Paramaatma stuck my mind. … More The Ultimate Truth- Understanding Illusion

My Answer To A Company

Why Should We Give You the Expected 100% Hike? In a single-liner, I would refer to ‘confidence, commitment, sincerity and whole-heartedness qualities of mine as the strong building blocks for my argument regarding a ‘100% salary hike expectation’. In detail, I would like to give this argument a different touch. Here it goes…My passion towards … More My Answer To A Company

Overcoming ‘Instability in Thoughts’

Fluctuating/Instability of  thoughts is the process that involves random thoughts taking over your thinking process. Multiple thoughts keep coming up in mind, avoiding you from confining to one particular thought and make a needed decision. Instability/fluctuation in thoughts is the basic problem for many. In the today’s busy life style, having a standard thought process is not that easy, as we … More Overcoming ‘Instability in Thoughts’