Editor’s Note:

cropped-10543623_776909439040587_2467046749764875822_n.jpgOpinions vary with people based on thought-process and everyone will have their own way of  expressing things. Likewise, here is my way of  expressing thoughts/opinions/feelings. May be small, big, weird, amazing or worst, thoughts are to feel, express and share, if there are people to listen and comment. Enjoy the adventurous travel through M’World 🙂
Why M’World ? 
None of us is born with self-identification. The world around identifies us and the world ‘within’ stimulates us, in absence of which, there will no ‘me’ or ‘you’. So, it is the ‘world around and within’ that actually means ‘world’ for any individual. This site is my gratitude to the world that gave me everything. Thank you my dear world:) Special thanks to Ganesh & Masthan for logo design.
                                                                -Nikesh Kumar Dasagranthi
Author & Editor, M’World