Tilak, sandal paste and Vibuthi?

The space between two eyebrows (Bhrumadhya) is a key nerve point of the human body and it’s the place where ‘Ajna Chakra’ lies. Applying kumkum/tilak results in activation of nerve and points at Bhrumadhya and also facilitates blood circulation to facial and other associated muscles. Master gland, pituitary gland, which controls biochemical processes of the … More Tilak, sandal paste and Vibuthi?

Sacred River of Secrets!

River Gandaki in Nepal is home to many astonishing things. Gandaki is home to sacred stones called ‘Shalagramas’, which are considered as representation of Lord Vishnu. These are available in various shapes, carved naturally by a diamond-toothed insect called ‘Vajrakeeta’. This insect, with its teeth, cuts through the sacred stone and resides inside till its … More Sacred River of Secrets!

Not just dung!

“Cow dung can absorb all the three rays: Alpha, Beta and Gamma,” say research studies. While alpha and beta rays fail after some level of penetration, gamma rays can penetrate deep into the human body and damage the vital tissues and organs. Gamma rays are the ones emitted out of nuclear reaction. Scientists suggest a … More Not just dung!

The other side of ants

Suturing/sealing wounds (especially abdominal wounds, among others) using ants/termites has been very prevalent across regions like Asia (India), Africa, among others, mostly among primitive tribes. In the process, the edges of the wound are drawn closer and then, an ant/insect is allowed to bite along the borders of the wound, thus firmly securing the flesh … More The other side of ants