7 Ways You Can Tease Your Loved Ones

Imitate her actions, the way she smiles, cries, nods head while listening and hands while speaking, etc. 😁 Keep staring at her eyes with a sensitive smile while she speaks ☺  Pretend like ignoring her words in conversation 😑 Praise her for every small thing. Caution! Too much is too bad 🤩 Make little delays when she calls you for a … More 7 Ways You Can Tease Your Loved Ones

The Ultimate Truth- Understanding Illusion

The earlier discussion ended with Research Scientist(RS)’s question to Guru’s explanation on Paramaatma & Jeevaatma, and this question makes the current discussion that will try to answer ‘How? Why? & What has to be Realized?’ Here it goes… RS: The thin line that is separating Me, the Jeevaatma, from the Supreme Paramaatma stuck my mind. … More The Ultimate Truth- Understanding Illusion

My Answer To A Company

Why Should We Give You the Expected 100% Hike? In a single-liner, I would refer to ‘confidence, commitment, sincerity and whole-heartedness qualities of mine as the strong building blocks for my argument regarding a ‘100% salary hike expectation’. In detail, I would like to give this argument a different touch. Here it goes…My passion towards … More My Answer To A Company